"The potential of your people is the most important asset for your business today and tomorrow. Knowing what you have today, so you are not in need for tomorrow, is the key to any successful business." Marcus Hancoxs CEO

Talent Mapping
Negotium Consulting is a specialist talent mapping Search Company that works with both end user clients and Executive Search firms.  We operate in the outsourcing and advisory marketplace covering:

Public Sector
Local Government Service
Central Government
Financial Service
Utilities / Energy

Human Capital
We cover roles from  Board level to typically Partners, Principles, Consultants/ Enterprise Architects/CTO, Principal/Management Consultants, Bid Directors, Sales Lead/Directors, Service Managers/Directors, Transition/Transformation Managers, Project/Programme Manager and Delivery Directors.

Knowing now what talents you have for the future is a valuable business insight. With that information, you can plan future strategies and roles for the key people in your organisation. And you can implement the training and processes today that will help you be successful in the future.
Our approach to talent mapping starts with an understanding of your goals and the future capabilities you will need. Comparing this with an assessment of your current capabilities will show what potential you have and what actions can be recommended to secure your future needs.
The approach is tailored to your unique needs and integrated with your existing performance management processes. Talent mapping can be followed by a process for talent development or succession planning.


Negotium Consulting is currently under going re-development, and will be back up and running shortly.

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